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The Price of Knowledge

Why do I work? For whom and how? This is my calling, knowledge, and passion. For the people. Attentively, consistently, confidently and what is most important – by putting my heart into it.

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Since my invasion into the user’s living space is considerable, I always like to devote my time to personal contact. Information on the users’ lifestyle, their use of space, things that are important to them, and their fears are all essential facets of our work. Identical spaces can have a completely different design for separate users.

Introductory meetings have significant impact to convey our message. A firm handshake, an honest smile and a cordial thank you reinforce the trust bond that has been created between the designer and the user. The desire to work well is not sufficient, however. It takes effort, determination, professionalism and most importantly: empathy and intuition. Once I feel in tune with the user, I have already partially found the solution. There are meetings at which we laugh so genuinely, we forget the passing of time. There are encounters where I myself also learn a great deal and I draw from them to enhance my knowledge and experience. People are simple beings when it comes to basic needs but incredibly complex with regard to the individual’s desires that create, enable and inspire their story.

What additionally deepens trust and the relationship and creates a basis for results is the process itself. Once the project develops and grows in collaboration with interior designers and architects, when one complements, alters and adapts the other, I know I am on the right course. After the concept has been fully established, the project part completed and lights ordered, a phase essential to the project’s success and mutual satisfaction is initiated. Solely selling light equipment without offering advice or customer support would define me as a saleswoman. But I am so much more. What is crucial is all the advice, providing contractors with correct information, the after-sale support with the user and the expertise, maintenance services and all the rest that the user-customer is entitled to. This is what enables long-term user satisfaction. Once the project has been carried out, I find myself curious. There is seldom any time during the process to share the underlying philosophy with the user. We just perform our work, while the applied knowledge remains unarticulated. It does, however, have a subconscious effect and brings happiness. These are certainly the reasons why light planning cannot be taken for granted.

I often ask myself – is there any stronger feeling than helping someone to a better life? This is, without doubt, the feeling that fuels, rejoices and encourages us for all the new that is to come. 

Janja Štibernik