About us

We meet challenges head on, draw from our experience and follow our intuition. We design solutions for people.

Dvorana Gimnazije Poljane

Through our work, we seek balance between light and darkness.

The light designer integrates their knowledge into practice and explores the impact of lighting on humans and the environment. The user is taken on a path of experiencing colour, texture, depth of space and emotion.

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We delight in challenges, draw from experience and follow our gut. We design solutions for people.

Man has evolved along with light. Light, be it artifical or natural, evokes creativity, stimulates the brain and affects our behavioural patterns.

Svetlarna Palača Evropa

We ask ourselves how we can achieve the comfort provided by natural light using artificial light.

Our mission is to raise awareness and educate the end-user. We spread knowledge about the effects of light on man and his environment. Our work is based on knowledge of technologies and people as users, and on the need to include everyday experience in projects.

The team

We are responsible for the preparation and execution of lighting projects and light design, by taking into account aesthetics, function, maintenance and price.

We rely on our own knowledge, which we continuously develop and deepen, we regularly follow trends in technology and consistently use and evaluate it in our own laboratory. We examine flickering, the nominal temperatures of light, colour indices, actual expenditure, the temperature of lighting fixtures during operation, etc…

Company data

Svetlarna, d. o. o.