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    About us

    Man has evolved together with light. Light, be it artificial or natural, awakens our creativity, stimulates the brain and affects how we behave.

    Mihael Lepšina

    Mihael Lepšina

    managing director

    Many years of experience with light planning, selling lighting equipment, and leading projects have helped him to develop the abilities of successful leadership, management, negotiation and guidance. Firstly, in a team and later in a company. His good communication skills and extroversion serve him well when making contacts. He goes hand in hand with aesthetics and precision. He is pragmatic, realistic, sensible, but highly ambitious.

    Urška Mlinšek

    Urška Mlinšek

    Lighting Designer and Project Manager

    Her experience with light planning and project management has significantly contributed to the discovery of her professional potential – architecture in its intuitive sense. Her abilities of understanding clients’ wishes have enabled her to carry out a series of excellent projects. Because of her professional approach, honesty, unselfishness and strict standards, she herself meets and also sets for others, she is well-liked. And trusted.


    Tina Bele

    Office Manager and Head of Development

    Her personality has been strongly influenced by her experience in an international environment. She knows that small steps lead to a great vision. Slowly and steadily, she paves her way. She is an eternal optimist and a slight dreamer by nature, but still a person of action and executed ideas. Surrounded with like-minded people, she creates great stories. Her formula for success is wisdom, combined with spiritedness and the passion for life.