Svetlarna - Skoraj popolni

Almost perfect

A year ago, the story of Svetlarna began to unfold. I believe in what we do. We see light in a different way. It illuminates, invigorates, colours, accentuates, exhilarates. We design light. By using state-of-the-art technical and decorative products, we tailor it to specific desires and demands. We prepare solutions in cooperation with architects, design engineers, and clients. By adopting a different, unburdened approach, we look for optimal ways of execution and present them to the client in a real environment. We are curious about the most insignificant everyday details, which enable us to come up with individual solutions for each project. We are the path to balance.

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I am proud of my team. It has many years of experience, knowledge and a passion for work and life. Its members are easygoing but demanding at the same time. 

Understanding light is an everyday affair. A general commodity. We do not pay attention to it because we take it for granted. Artificial light implies expenses. A necessary evil. 

The sun is the primary source of light, our ideal. The sun is a star. A star represents perfection; therefore Svetlarna’s symbol is only one half of it. And it is with our vision and our dreams that we strive for this unattainable perfection.

Mihael Lepšina